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Mohrlexctlan is a raised piece of land that is three miles in diameter within the Great Moors of Nordmaar that serves as the lair of the Black Dragon Mohrlex. The area was once an island off the coast of Istar and was known as the Island of Chabacuictli. Within this realm was the Fountain of Renewal, however with the swamplands encroaching in on this territory, it became part of the Great Moors. In the centre of the area is a structure known as the Theatre of the Absurd. The Theatre serves as the lair of Mohrlex, where he resides in a subterranean cave.

The outer rim of the area has a series of totems and effigies of spirits that are set around a mile and a half from the Theatre. The area is patrolled heavily by the Xocnalic tribe, who are fiercely loyal to Mohrlex. The inner rim has a crude stone wall around it, set half a mile before the dragon's lair, and ranges from three feet to eight feet tall in various places. The inner part of the realm is patrolled by Bakali warriors, as well as a number of Wyverns that also serve Mohrlex.

The absolute centre of the realm houses the only structure, the Theatre of the Absurd. The building was once a shrine to the god Habbakuk, but later earnt its name from the strange performances that Mohrlex often forces his visitors to enact. The theatre has thirty tiers of seating, and all the seats are elevated, with the rear of the circle raised to forty five feet above ground level. The stage is set with pink and ivory marble, and backstage is built from wood and stone pillars. A large number of costumes and gear is stored backstage to prepare for any number of plays. Directly behind the Theatre is a small lake which is over thirty feet deep and is the Fountain of Renewal. This lake is also the only direct method to access Mohrlex's lair, a sunken chamber that was originally a shrine to Habbakuk.


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