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Great Moors

Article written by Uziel

The Great Moors are the vast swamplands that dominate the south-eastern section of the nation of Nordmaar, dominating a third of the entire nation. The area is filled with steaming water that can be anywhere from one to thirty feet deep, and is filled with trees and all manner of foliage. Reptiles and birds can be found in large numbers around the swamps, as can all manner of insects. Hydra, behir, Black Dragons, spirit naga, huge crocodiles, shocker lizards and iguana are known to dwell in the region. The Xocnalic tribe harvest the fruits that grow in the swamp, but are wary of the many and varied creatures that also dwell here. Also within the swamp are the Soilbrood, a dark cult that worships the god Morgion. The cult has an alliance with the Black Dragon Acerbius and sow dark plots within the moors. The Great Moors were once the largest swampland in all of Ansalon but have since been overshadowed by Sable's Swamp in the Age of Mortals. In the southeast, the swamps are comprised of an estuarial salt marsh, and in the northwest it is primarily steaming peat bogs.

Age of Despair

Prior to the Cataclysm, the Great Moors were underwater and for all intents and purposes unknown. With the Cataclysm, hundreds of miles of seabed were raised to the surface in the north-eastern part of the continent. The surviving nomads that once lived on the north-western coast of Istar migrated to the new land of Nordmaar that had been formed. The rise of the Great Moors saw both Human and Bakali tribes take up residence in the swamps.

Age of Mortals

During the Dragon Purge, one of the Dragonlords took up residence in the Great Moors, a Black Dragon, known as Mohrlex. The dragon claimed the Great Moors as his own domain, and found that his new servants, the humans, bakali and wild Gnomes all blossomed under his rule... even if he did occasionally eat one of their number if they irritated him.


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