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Nordmen are the civilized Humans who dwell in the northern nation of Nordmaar on the continent of Ansalon. Nordmen comprise of several tribes that primarily dwell in the cities and towns across the realm. This folk was uprooted during the Cataclysm when their island homes became part of the mainland of Ansalon, but prospered in the early part of the Age of Despair, despite the upheaval. A subsequent series of changes has shown the Nordmen as a hardy and resilient people, who can suffer under the yoke of their conquerors and thrive after their would-be conquerors have left.


Nordmen are fiercely independant by and large, yet welcoming of new folk and ideas, as seen by their ready acceptance of Solamnics on joining the mainland. They are exceedingly loyal towards a singular and strong ruler, and have a deep love of freedom. The Nordmen hail from a mixed Solamnic and Kalinese stock, are tall and fair of skin, with hair coloring that can range from pale blonde to reddish-brown. Some darker skin tones are dominant throughout the coastal tones, however one's appearance counts for little in Nordmaar.

The Nordmen have ties with their cousins, the Horselords, but whilst appearance means little in Nordmaar, choice of life does. Where the Nordmen live and thrive in the cities, the Horselords prefer the wild ways of nature, and generally shun city living.

Tribes of the Nordmen



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