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Border Keep

Article written by Uziel

Border Keep is a large tower located along the border of Nordmaar and Estwilde, that sits atop a hill slightly northwards of the Woods of Lahue. The tower was originally the residence of the wizard Jorjan, but was claimed by the Knights of Takhisis in the lead up to the Summer of Chaos. During the Dragon Purge, the Legion of Steel conquered the tower, claiming it for their knighthood and drove the Dark Knights out. Since then, the Legion has established the tower as their base of operations in the realm, and allows for monitoring of activity along the border of both nations.

CityBorder Keep
Settlement TypeHamlet
ProvinceSouthern Wastes
LeaderCenturion of the Qwalmish Legion
Population421 AC - 90

Border Keep is a two-story stone tower, with windows facing in all directions, allowing for monitoring of the nearby landscape. On the roof are two catapults on pivots, which can be used to drive off attackers. The tower proper is surrounded by a series of small buildings, such as barracks, kitchens, storehouses, etc. Border Keep is surrounded by a ten foot wide moat, which has a singular drawbridge set within a stone moat house. The moat house has a small gatehouse linked to it, which is constantly manned by several Legionnaires. The moat is filled both with brackish water and also with 8 foot stakes along the inner shore. The drawbridge leads towards a set of steps that head up the hill, ending at a large gate that is built into a ringed wall of hardwood posts.


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