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Outer Planes

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The Outer Planes are generally referred to as the domains of the Gods in the Cosmology of Krynn. The planes are also home to the various servants of the gods, and the landscapes of these realms can be changed on a whim of any of the residing deities. Travel between the Outer Planes and the Material Plane is exceedingly difficult and rare for mortals, most gateways to the Outer Planes are via the Astral Plane. The Outer Planes emanate power which flows onto The Gray and forms the Inner Planes and also has a further effect on the Material Plane itself.

In the cosmological makeup of Krynn, the Outer Planes are the driving force which molds and shapes the world through the powers of the deities themselves. Of the three godly domains, the Dome of Creation sits above the Material Plane, whilst The Abyss lies below, and The Hidden Vale lies in parallel with the world.

Outer Planes

Dome of Creation
Gate of Souls
River of Souls
The Abyss
The Hidden Vale


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