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Awahn Baz

Article written by Uziel

Awahn Baz (? AC – 299 AC) was a male Human who was a priest that dwelt in the Rainward Isles during the Age of Despair. In 299 AC, the Rainward Isles fell under the sway of a powerful wind that carried poisonous fumes from Hitehkel. When villagers started dying in large numbers, Awahn directed the survivors to bring the dead to a central cemetary, which he oversaw.

NameAwahn Baz
Birth? AC
Death299 AC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown

The priest had congregations in all six of the surrounding villages that were affected, but eventually the fumes killed off all the villagers, and Awahn himself. Shortly before his death, Awahn petitioned the gods to allow him to oversee the dead even after he passed, to ensure grave robbers and travellers did not defile or disturb the corpses. The gods granted Awahn's wish, allowing him to rise as a spectre and protect the cemetary.


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