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Material Plane

Article written by Uziel

The Material Plane is the core of the Cosmology of Krynn, where most mortal beings dwell. The plane was originally created by the Gods, and the High God decreed that all mortal creations would live out their lives on this plane, before dying and moving onto the next stage of existence.

This plane is built from different facets of the Inner Planes, and is where all the worshippers of the deities of the Outer Planes reside. The Material Plane is the most diverse plane in terms of its inhabitants, geography, cultures, and climates. Beings from the other Inner Planes can traverse to this realm; however they usually can only do so via a magical portal and are uncomfortable when dwelling here. More powerful beings from the Outer Planes are also able to reach the Material Plane, although the journey is more arduous and controlled to a large degree by the gods.


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