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Axe of the Emperors

Article written by Uziel

The Axe of the Emperors is a legendary double-bladed axe that was once wielded by the great Minotaur Ambeoutin. The axe bears a wrapped ebony haft, and has twin shining adamantine blades, which appear to be the wings of a phoenix, whilst a tiny talon grasps a ruby at the tip of the axe. The grip of the axe has been crafted to resemble a slumbering Dragon with its teeth clamped down on a sapphire.

Origins of the Axe

The Axe of the Emperors was originally created by the High Ogre wizard Irix in 6320 PC. Following the treasonous actions of Igrane and his followers, the ruling council of Ogres were furious. One of the high council was Irix, who spoke with clerics of various dark gods, to assist him in creating the mightiest of weapons, which could be used to strike down Igrane. For seven nights, Irix and the clerics imbued the weapon with powerful spells, and then Irix wielded the axe to slay the clerics who aided him. The wizard then hunted down and slaughtered many of Igrane's followers, however was led into a trap from which he only barely escaped with his life, but was forced to leave the axe behind.

Igrane's people tried to destroy the evil weapon, but after many failed attempts the axe simply vanished. In truth, the axe had teleported itself across Ansalon in a bid to find another worthy wielder.

A Dragon's Hoard

The Green Dragon Ymrald was the next finder of the axe, and she soon realised that it possessed immense power. The dragon did her best to learn the powers locked within the weapon, adding it to her hoard. However over the remainder of her lifetime, she was unable to tap into its secrets. Ymrald passed the axe on to her eldest child Dioptaria, who was similarly unable to do much with the axe, and handed it down to her eldest child, Jadilier. Around 2799 PC, fresh from victory at Kal-Thax, the minotaur Ambeoutin came across Jadilier's lair. The sentient axe made itself known to Ambeoutin, and with its help, the minotaur was able to defeat the dragon.

Axe of the Minotaurs

Ambeoutin returned to his people and with the full command of the powers of the axe, became an even more fearless warrior in battle, and a true hero. With the ruler's passing, the axe was buried with Ambeoutin, believed lost to the ages. However in 417 AC, a minotaur seer received a vision that a black-furred Kothian would be blessed with the axe by Sargonnas himself.

Powers of the Axe

The axe is sentient and tries to dominate the will of its wielder, and is known to cause leprosy amongst any non-ogre or minotaur that tries to wield it. The wielder of the axe can detect any trap, teleport at will once a month, strike fear into its enemies, and cause serious wounds by touch alone. The axe is known to cause a level of insanity in its bearers, or at the very least, make its wielder paranoid that all around them want to possess the axe.


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