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Austan Gavynus

Article written by Uziel & Ninrandir the White Fox

Austan Gavynus (? AC – ? AC) was a male Minotaur who was one of the rare followers of Paladine on Taladas, and a paladin of some skill. He grew up as the youngest of four siblings, and was dearly loved by his older brothers. His family was killed in a mysterious fire when he was still young, and Austan was sent to school, where he was trained for several years before being enlisted in the Legions of Eragas.

NameAustan Gavynus
Birth? AC
Death? AC
NationalityImperial League
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
Siblings4 siblings

Austan fought in several campaigns against the Thenolites, but was discharged from duty in disgrace when he refused to fight against Elves. The minotaur took to travelling across Taladas, during which he encountered a Human washed up on the shores of the Tamire. He tried to aid the human, but realised it was not necessary, when the man used magic to heal himself. The man was a priest by the name of Belusais, who taught Austan of the god Paladine, and the minotaur soon became a convert. The pair travelled together for some time, defeating evil where they came across it. However a raiding party of Thenolites killed Belusais in his sleep, causing an enraged Austan to mercilessly slay his foes. Austan vowed to spread the word of Paladine, and returned to the Imperial League to keep his vow.

The paladin worked to try to better the Imperial League for all, not just minotaurs, and undertook many quests during the latter part of the Age of Despair with this goal in mind. Among Austan's students was the fellow minotaur Karathos.


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