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The realm of Krynn is comprised of a number of planes of existence, spread throughout the Ethereal Sea. These planes are all interwoven with one another; however are still all very independent realms in their own right. Most mortal creatures of Krynn only know of the Material Plane, in which they dwell, but their world is far more complex than this.

The realm of Krynn is a complex mix of not only the Material Plane, but also of a number of Inner Planes, Outer Planes and The Gray. There are also countless Demiplanes linked to a number of the aforementioned larger planes of existence. The planes are all set within a sphere, with the Inner Planes actually being emanations from the Outer Planes into the Gray, and then having various direct impacts on the Material Plane.

All of these planes are set against the backdrop of the Ethereal Sea, which is said to house hundreds or even thousands of other worlds, well beyond the reckoning of anyone on Krynn.

The Material

Material Plane

Inner Planes

Elemental Plane of Air
Elemental Plane of Earth
Elemental Plane of Fire
Elemental Plane of Water
Negative Energy Plane
Positive Energy Plane

Outer Planes

Dome of Creation
Gate of Souls
River of Souls
The Abyss
The Hidden Vale

The Gray

Astral Plane
Ethereal Plane
Plane of Shadow

The Demiplanes



Ethereal Sea
Void of Chaos


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