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Dictator of Daltigoth

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The Dictator of Daltigoth is the ruler of the Ogres and other Creatures that live in Daltigoth. The ruler is also known as the Lord of Daltigoth and the Prince of Morgash.

Past Dictators of Daltigoth

Name Unknown (? AC - ? AC) was the first leader of the ogres in Daltigoth. The ogre wore a stone fist from a guardian statue found in the ruins of the Tower of High Sorcery. In his old age he left the city with his followers to follow a vision. These ogres became the Stonefist Clan.

Stormogre (? AC – ca. 351 AC) was the ruler of Daltigoth during the War of the Lance.

Kthaarx (ca. 351 AC – ca. 383 AC) was the ruler of Daltigoth until shortly after the Chaos War.

Tdarnk (ca. 383 AC422 AC) ruled Daltigoth with his Council of Nine until he was killed by a group of adventurers with the aid of Emma Xela and Briony Thistleknot of the Legion of Steel cell stationed in the city.

Current Dictator of Daltigoth



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