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Ambeoutin (? PC - ? PC) was a male Minotaur who was a leader of the minotaur people, in the Age of Dreams, in the time after they had reached the shores of Ansalon from Taladas. The minotaur grew up when his people were enslaved by the Dwarves of Kal-Thax, and he had a deep seated hatred of the diminutive folk. He made promises to his people that he would lead them to freedom, and gathered a band of fighters under him, who initiated guerrilla warfare against the dwarves.

Birth? PC
Death? PC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationMinotaur Emperor
ChildrenMithas, Kothas

Ambeoutin and his band made a series of successful raids, ensuring no traces were left behind to even identify that minotaurs were responsible for the killings. Around 2799 PC, the minotaur was greeted by the wizard Skythus who pledged his aid to Ambeoutin's cause and the two became firm friends. The wizard counselled Ambeoutin, guiding him towards a quest for the Axe of the Emperors, during which he singlehandedly slew a Green Dragon. On his return, Ambeoutin formed an army of minotaurs under him, and faced off against the dwarven forces of Kal-Thax. Even though the dwarves outnumbered the minotaurs by five to one, the minotaurs defeated the dwarves through sheer ferocity, and decimated the kingdom of Kal-Thax, forcing the surviving dwarves to flee.

The minotaurs formed their own kingdom in this part of Ansalon, instating Ambeoutin as the first Minotaur Emperor. The wise king ruled over his people for a number of years, taking a wife and siring twin sons, Mithas and Kothas. He personally trained his sons in the fighting arts, and as they grew into powerful adults, he decided in 2735 PC, to leave his kingdom in their capable hands. Ambeoutin took his friend Skythus with him on a voyage out on the sea, from which the pair never returned to Ansalon.


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