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Riders of the Horde

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The Riders of the Horde (or Riders of the Great Horde) were mounted warriors that served in the Empire of Ergoth. All lords of the empire were also Riders of the Horde. The riders would usually live in a building called the Riders' Hall in the cities of the empire. Most riders would tend to distrust Magic.

According to laws set by Ergothas II any Rider that served the empire loyally and long would get their own tract of land and it be awarded to them by the emperor himself.


Age of Dreams

The Riders of the Horde has its origins with Ackal I and the founding of the empire.


Later in the same age came the rise of Tolandruth. Tol taught the Riders new tactics and the use of footmen.

Quivalin Dynasty

Early in the Quivalin Dynasty, the Emperor of Ergoth ended the Riders of the Horde and had the knighthood, the Ergothian Cavaliers, created out of mostly lower nobility.

Becoming a Rider of the Horde

Boys (usually nobles) would serve as a Shilder to a Rider. The training including mounted combat and the use of arms with blunt Weapons. The time a shilder served was usually six years before becoming a full Rider of the Horde. It has been said that after learning to fight the next thing a rider learned was to drink beer.

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