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Grott (? AC – ? AC) was a male Goblin and one of the Wretched Ones, who was known as the partner of the infamous criminal Gezele Ella. The goblin originated from the small village of Crourk in the Ilquar Mountains, where as part of his family tradition, he charted the position of the moons to receive prophecies from Angomeith. When Grott was first born, he was anointed in special herbs and powders by his father, who was also a shaman, which gave the young goblin permanent immunity to the heat of lava. He was schooled at a young age to meditate at the base of a volcano once every year, as part of his religious studies. Grott believed that the ritual cleansed him in the eyes of Angomeith... but was in actual fact quite meaningless.

Grott stood at just three feet tall, had dark red skin, beady yellow eyes, and the pointed ears and flat face typical of his race. He was normally garbed in a long black robe, wore a small black leather headband, and also wore a claw-shaped silver pendant, which was his symbol of Angomeith. He was softly spoken, indecisive and completely dependant on Gezele Ella and his god for guidance. Grott had a strong love of money, and was wholly loyal to both his partner and his deity. Strangely enough for an evil goblin, he also had a very strong sense of honor and always kept his word once it was given.

Birth? AC
Death? AC
RaceWretched Ones
NationalityWretched Ones
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorYellow
OccupationShaman of Angomeith

In 339 AC, Grott received a vision from Angomeith, directing him to poison the water in his village, as his fellow goblins were no longer worthy of the god's protection. Once everyone in his village was dead, the shaman headed southwards where he encountered Gezele Ella, who rescued him from a Green Dragon. The pair discovered that they were both servants of Angomeith, became friends and formed a long running partnership.

In 348 AC, Grott and Ella became dragon hunters at the behest of the Aurak Draconian Chorahh, and also set about recruiting other hunters. The following year, the pair recruited a band of adventurers, who turned out to be seeking to undermine the entire operation, and the pair inadvertently led the adventurers directly to Chorahh. As punishment, the pair were banished to another plane of existence by Chorahh. However shortly after the banishment, Gezele and Grott were retrieved by Erestem, who petitioned them to serve as leaders of her dark army, along with Anishta.

Eager to prove themselves, the pair formed an alliance with the Black Dragon Kahh, and with the dragon's help, launched an assault on the adventurers when they entered Eborium. Kahh was driven off, and Gezele and Grott were defeated by the adventurers, but escaped shortly after. A short time later, Gezele went off to battle and was killed, whilst Grott was residing in another plane of existence, doing the work of his god. What became of the goblin shaman beyond this is unknown.


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