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Kohver (? AC – ? AC) was a male half-ogre and a Dragon hunter that operated in Southern Hosk during the Age of Despair. He was born in The Conquered Lands province of the Imperial League, but as a half-ogre, he was shunned by both Humans and Ogres. Kohver turned to worshipping nature spirits, before he created his own religion, in which he was one of the only known worshippers of Gorth.

The half-ogre was gifted with a dark sense of humor, and had little patience or tolerance for those who annoyed him. He teamed up with the cleric Anishta to form a band of Dragon hunters, serving as her second-in-command of the group. Kohver commanded the Draconians and ogres that served as the footsoldiers to the hunters. He was slightly hunched and powerfully built, and wore his long black hair in a simple braid. Kohver shunned shields in battle, instead preferring to wield weapons with both hands.

Birth? AC
Death? AC
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorUnknown
Height6' 5"
Weight260 lb
OccupationDragon Hunter

By 348 AC, Kohver and his fellow hunters travelled to Sharlan Park, where they slew three young hatchlings, cultivating their ears and moved onto Haslit. The hatchlings were under the protection of Lord Leonid Althen who hired and sent a group of adventurers after the hunters.

In the town of Haslit, the hunters intimidated the locals, and eventually set fire to the village, leaving it to burn. Kohver and his comrades journeyed through Spindle Gap and the Deep Forest, killing several Pseudodragons on the way. They ultimately reached the Pillars of the Moons, where they set an ambush for the adventurers that they learned tailed them. However the hunters were trapped by the magic of the pillars for eight weeks, until they were freed during a triple lunar conjunction.

At this time, Kohver and his fellow hunters faced off against the adventurers, but were defeated. The half-ogre used magic to escape and was not seen again.


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