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Windriders are an ancient elven organization that exists among the Kagonesti Elves, Silvanesti Elves, and the Qualinesti Elves. Regardless of their national affiliation all Windriders are Warriors that fight on Griffons.

Kagonesti Windriders tend to care more about their mounts than other Elves. Silvanesti members tend to get lost in their own superiority, but will be pleasant to their allies. The Windriders of Qualinesti tend to be more down to earth compared with their Silvanesti cousins. They are trained with the Longsword, the Bow, and the lance to use in battle.

The only permanent settlement of Windriders is the village of Avalune in the Anviltop Mountains. Also, most Kagonesti Windriders are found on the island of Cristyne.

History of the Windriders

Age of Dreams

In 2190 PC, the Windriders were formed when Kith-Kanan and his brother Sithas traveled to the Khalkist Mountains. Vedvedsica provided the twins with a magical scroll. Sithas used the scroll and bonded the griffons with the elven people. Kith-Kanan later formed the Windriders. Kith-Kanan opened up the Windriders to anyone regardless of house.

Many elves left Silvanesti to form the new nation of Qualinesti in 2073 PC. This split the Windriders among the two nations. The Silvanesti eventually started to restrict membership to the Windriders to be of House Protector.

Third Dragon War

Centuries later during the Third Dragon War, the Windriders of both elven nations participated. The Silvanesit allowed Wizards of House Mystic to join the Windriders during the War. By the time the war ended the griffons of Ansalon were greatly diminished. The Windriders of both nations disbanded for a time to allow the griffons to repopulate.

War of the Lance

During the War of the Lance, the head of House Protector, Lord Garan, led the Windriders of Silvanesti. When Lorac's Nightmare occurred the Silvanesti Elves including the Windriders had to leave their homeland. Porthios Kanan led the Windrider of Qualinesti during the war. Both nations fought in the Whitestone Army and some Windriders even fought on Dragons.

Post War of the Lance

When the Silvanesti returned to their homeland the Windriders were diminished to seven under the poor military leadership of Reyl Konnal. Hundreds of Qualinesti Windriders came to their cousins' aid to reclaim their ancestral homeland.

Age of Mortals

During the Age of Mortals, the Silvanesti shut themselves behind the Silvanesti Shield and the Qualinesti were ruled by Dark Knights. The Silvanesti group were hindered and weakened by the shield and the Qualinesti where not allowed to form while they were under the marshal law of the Dark Knights.

War of Souls

During the Second Battle of Sanction some Windriders rode on dragon back.

Post War of Souls

After the War of Souls, both elven nations of Ansalon were shattered, but their people united in exile under one banner. The Speaker of the Sun and Stars Gilthas Kanan had two Wings of the united Windriders watch over their old homelands and scattered to rest across the continent to help the elven people make it to Inath-Wakenti.

Becoming a Windrider

Kith-Kanan formed the organization with the hope that any skilled elf could join. The Silvanesti eventually restricted its membership to House Protector (with some wizards from House Mystic). In Qualinesti, the Windriders were generally kept open as their nation's founder wanted. After the War of Souls, the combined Windriders are closer to Qualinesit view on membership.

In the post War of Souls years the way to become a Windrider is to petition for membership. The potential member is tested. Their fighting skills and ability to get along with griffons is checked. Those that fail are offered positions in the Wildrunners. While this is the usual method, the need for skilled members has caused the Windriders to sometimes recruit new elves. Once an initiate skills are tested and trained they are sent to Avalune to be bonded with a griffon.

Officer Ranks

Sky Warden
Wing Commander
Flight Leader

Note: Qualinesti and Silvanesti Windriders used the same rank structure.

Military Units


Note: Qualinesti and Silvanesti Windriders used the same unit structure.


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