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Coral Citadel

Article written by Ambro

The Coral Citadel is a large tower in the Dargonesti Elf village of Surf. The base of the tower is a labyrinth through the brain coral. The doors in the tower are strange jelly-like doors. They prevent water from passing through them

Age of Despair

It was originally a large brain coral. The Dargonesti added upper levels to the coral sometime after the founding of the village.

Chaos War

During the Chaos War, the chaotic energies from Chaos caused the mutated the tower. Magori took over the tower for a time. After the Magori were pushed out of the village the tower was abandoned by the Dargonesti.

Post War of Souls

The tower became home to the Yrasda Makwur-Sal after he took over Surf.


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