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Surf is an underwater Dargonesti Elf village in the western Blood Sea of Istar. The village is southeast of Sargonath and a day's travel from the Rugged Coast. Surf is in a ravine located in a kelp forest. The steep walls of the ravine are made of coral. Surrounding the village is four guard towers made out of pink-white coral. Most of the houses in the village are also made of coral, but a few are made of giant nautilus shells. In the village, there is fan coral that the Sea Elves can animate for help in protecting the village.

Settlement TypeVillage
CountryLoyal to Watermere
FoundedFirst Century AC

Age of Despair

Surf was founded in the first century after the Cataclysm. The village was formed as an output for Istar and is loyal to Watermere.

Summer of Chaos

Just prior to the Chaos War Lankaos became the leader of Surf. He led the people of Surf against the attacking Magori during the war.

Age of Mortals

In the years after the War of Souls, a Yrasda named Makwur-Sal managed to take over Surf. He used Turbidus Leeches to take control of the minds of Lankaos and the other Dargonesti of the village. The yrasda invited a group of Kuo-toa and an Aboleth named Oxpachta to the village.


Chieftain's Hall (Surf)
Coral Citadel
Four Guard Towers


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