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Leprechauns are small and mischievous folk that dwell in many of the forests of Krynn, most notably in the Hulder Realm of Southern Hosk. The small folk have innate skills at invisibility, polymorphing, creating illusions and ventriloquism. They are skilled thieves and tricksters, and have amazing hearing which causes them to almost never be surprised by others.

ColoringLight brown
LandsAny forest

The small folk sometimes serve as bards to the Hulderfolk, and delight in the company of Pixies. Some scholars believe that leprechauns resemble a small Kender with a smattering of pixie blood in them... but their true origins are unknown. They do however have a strong love of wine, which has been the downfall of leprechauns before, when they are caught by mortals in a rather drunken state.


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