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Lost Battles

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The Lost Battles was a war fought between the Wizards of High Sorcery and the Holy Empire of Istar, Solamnia, and the Empire of Ergoth in 19 PC. It was one of the few times in History that all the Orders of High Sorcery joined together in a common cause. The war was named Lost Battles because no one truly won the war.

ConflictLost Battles
Date19 PC
AggressorHoly Empire of Istar
Empire of Ergoth
DefenderWizards of High Sorcery
ResultNo Victor

Leading Events

In the Age of Dreams, the Wizards of High Sorcery built their five Towers of High Sorcery. Over time, cities and empires formed or solidified around some of the towers. At one of these, the Wizards helped the village that would one day become the Lordcity of Istar. The relationship between Istar and the wizards soured over the centuries starting with the Third Dragon War. During the war, the desert people of Dravinaar set its sights on the Lordcity but waited until the mages of the Tower of High Sorcery at Istar were distracted. Their chance came when the Conclave met in Palanthas. Dravinaar attacked and when the Istarans went to the tower for help they received no answer. The people then turned to the clergy for help and a Cleric of Paladine saved the city.

In 574 PC, the War of Bones occurred when a Black Robe Salius Ruven raised an Undead army and attacked Istar. The Emperor of Istar, Lannis the Blind, sent the First Son of Paladine, Eldan, to ask the wizards of the tower for help and they refused to attack one of their own. Eldan returned three times and each time they refused. The Knights of Solamnia rode to the city's rescue and after Salius was defeated some Istarans wanted war on the tower. Eldan had the undead bodies piled in front of the tower and warned them that if they betrayed Istar again they will be the ones whose bodies will be piled up. This incident only solidified the people's distrust of Mages and also helped the empire's relationship with the Magic distrusting Solamnia.

In 250 PC, the Kingpriest began to make rules that limited independence. In 118 PC, Vasari II made the Proclamation of Manifest Virtue that stated what was evil and how it should be punished. Later in 94 PC, the proclamation was amended to say that certain races were inherently evil.

In 40 PC, Beldinas Pilofiro became the last Kingpriest. He formed the Knights of the Divine Hammer and declared the Doctrine of Balance was wrong. Beldinas then used his new order to hunt down evil clerics, certain races, and also Black Robe mages.

Over the course of the next twenty years, many wizards (among others) began to resent the Kingpriest. In 20 PC, the Black Robe Andras Rannoch with his quasitos attacked a tourney in Lattakay where the Kingpriest and many Knights of the Divine Hammer were in attendance. Many died at the event. Andras was later captured by the knights but the Conclave magically retrieved Andras so they could punish him. The Kingpriest took this as a great offense. Later that year, the Highmage Vincil da Jevra met the Kingpriest and representatives from Ergoth and Solamnia to talk about peace at the Eusymmeas Fountain in Istar. Beldinas wanted to have all Black Robes removed from all the Towers of High Sorcery except the one at Wayreth. Before Vincil could discuss this further, a magical duplicate in the form of the Cleric Suvin controlled by the Black Robe Andras Rannoch (who had escaped the Conclave) stabbed the Kingpriest. Many died in the battle including the Vincil and so in 19 PC the Lost Battles began.


The Kingpriest decided to attack the wizards but did not know how to penetrate the magical groves that protected each tower. He received four magical seeds from a mysterious benefactor (Fistandantilus) that were the solution to the problem.

Beldinas decided to have his knights attack the Tower of High Sorcery at Losarcum first, then the Ergothians were to attack the Tower of High Sorcery at Daltigoth, and finally the Solamnics were to attack the Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthas. While this was the Kingpriest's plan it was not what occurred.

The Battles

Battle of Daltigoth

Main Article: Battle of Daltigoth

Lord Praetor of the Imperial Armies Serl Kar-Thorn was instructed to attack after the Knights of the Divine Hammer attacked in Losarcum, but he desired to be the first to attack the towers. The result was the destruction of the tower and part of the city.

Battle of Losarcum

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The wizard Leciane do Cirica tried to warn Grand Marshal Cathan MarSevrin that the wizards were prepared to destroy the tower, but the knights attacked. This resulted in the destruction of not only the tower but the entire city.

The Conclusion

With the great mayhem caused by the destruction of two towers, both sides agreed to negotiate. The wizards agreed to abandon the towers in Istar and Palanthas and only occupy the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth.

The Knights of Solamnia led by Yarus Donner had the Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthas surrounded before the battles in Daltigoth and Losarcum. With the armistice, the wizards took as many Artifacts as they could, including giving some to the Great Library of Palanthas. When the new Highmage Merroc was handing over the gate key to Lord of Palanthas Urian, Andras Rannoch appeared in one of the highest windows of the tower. He told the crowd that no one could enter until the Master of Past and Present came. Andras then threw himself from the window and with his dying breath cursed the tower. The tower then changed into a dark version of what it was.

A month after the battles the wizards gave the tower to the Kingpriest. In 18 PC, the Kingpriest turned the Tower of High Sorcery at Istar into a repository for artifacts of the Gods of Evil. Eventually the tower became filled with the relics of the Gods of Neutrality and all those of the not recognized faiths of the Gods of Good with the exception of Paladine. The tower became known as Solio Febalas or the Hall of Sacrilege.

Kender Tales

One source said the Kingpriest received five seeds from Fistandantilus, but he did not receive a seed for Wayreth.


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