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Romgar Firesteel

Article written by Ambro

Romgar Firesteel (? PC - ? PC) was a male Kayolin Dwarf. He was a stereotypical Dwarf from his beard, stout build, and to his fondness for ale.

NameRomgar Firesteel
Birth? PC
Death? PC
NationalityKayolin Dwarf
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown

The Brightblade

In the Age of Dreams, Romgar was traveling and he stayed in the Red Goblin in Jansburg. There he met and befriended a Solamnic squire named Berthel Brightblade. The next day the village was attacked by red painted Goblins and Hobgoblins. Berthel managed to fight off the attackers and save the town and his new friend Romgar, but was wounded in the process.

After his wounds were healed, Berthel and Romgar traveled to Vingaard Keep and told the High Justice Myceal about what happened. Myceal agreed to knight the squire in two months. In the next two months Romgar prepared to make a gift for his friend. He immediately sent for materials from Garnet. Romgar had the Cleric Gritmar Steelbrand bless the gold that he used and then spent a non-stop two weeks at his forge making his gift. At the knighting ceremony Berthel was presented with the Brightblade from Romgar.

Kender Tales

Once source said the sword was forged over 2,900 years ago which would put Berthel before Vinas Solamnus's time. There is also some confusion on when the Brightblade was given to Berthel. One source said it was a year after the attack.


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