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Gabus (? PC – 348 AC) was a male Copper Dragon who was the mate of Narn and resided in a lair in the Spindle Gap. He was known to be a bold and outspoken dragon, who was more even-tempered than many of his fellow coppers. In the Age of Despair, he paired with Tavin Longspear, as the Dragon Knight's mount and comrade.

Birth? PC
Death348 AC
RaceCopper Dragon
Eye ColorUnknown

In 348 AC, Gabus was outraged when he found the body of his mate Narn, left in their lair at Spindle Gap. A maddened Gabus searched for the killers and almost killed the villager Mies in a blind rage, but was brought back to his senses by Tavin and a group of adventurers. Tavin and Gabus swore vengeance on the hunters and pursued their trail from the air, ultimately reaching the Pillars of the Moons, where the hunters launched an ambush. The dragon did what he could in the cramped conditions of the Pillars, and witnessed his companions defeat the hunters, and then learned of the plot to kill Amanthus.

Gabus contacted his fellow dragons in Carrendown and then flew the adventurers to the Cloud Mesa, so that Amanthus could be warned of the threat. A few weeks later, Gabus and Tavin flew with several other copper dragons to Kor Island to launch an assault on the inhabitants, after they learnt that the master of the dragon hunters was laired there. However the residents of the island felled all the dragons including Gabus, and the sole survivor, Tavin, was taken prisoner.


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