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Eldic (? AC – 348 AC) was a male Merkitsa Elf who served as the Chief Forester of the Rathwyck Marches, and trusted servant of the March Lord. The elf lead the foresters that patrolled and protected Sharlan Park, and was one of the most trusted retainers of the March Lord, having served the ruling family for three generations of lords.

Eldic was a slender elf that was considered tall for his race, and had long blonde shoulder length hair. He normally wore practical woodsman's clothing, and often had a hunting horn and bow by his side.

Death348 AC
RaceMerkitsa Elf
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
OccupationChief Forester of the Rathwyck Marches

In 348 AC, Eldic and his fellow rangers were unable to track down a group of hunters that were killing the wildlife in Sharlan Park. Eventually Baron Leonid Althen had Eldic recruit a group of adventurers to search the preserve and ferret out the hunters. The Huntmaster chose to join the adventurers in their quest, leading them into the park, but then decided the quest was too dangerous for the Baron's daughter to continue travelling with the band. Eldic left the group, taking Leonid's daughter with him back to the hunting lodge, but the pair were intercepted by a band of Ogres on the way, and Eldic was killed.


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