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Barlan Graymantle

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Barlan Graymantle (ca. 70 PC20 PC) was a male Solamnic Knight of the Divine Hammer. He had a son named Finn Graymantle. By the time Barlan was in his fifties he had white moustaches but was still in fight shape. He still wore his Solamnic armor as a Knight of the Divine Hammer.

NameBarlan Graymantle
Birthca. 70 PC
Death20 PC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationKnight of the Divine Hammer
ChildrenFinn Graymantle

Knight of Solamnia

Barlan was once a Knight of Solamnia as was his son. After the Knights of the Divine Hammer formed, Barlan left the Knights of Solamnia and ceded his holdings in Solamnia much to the shame of his son.

Knight of the Divine Hammer

In 20 PC, Barlan fought in the Knight of the Divine Hammer tourney in Lattakay. He made it to the final three of the tourney.

Kender Tales

One source said that Barlan died in 21 PC, but it is known that Barlan fought in the tourney in Lattakay in 20 PC.


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