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Hanuk (? AC - ? AC) was a male Hobgoblin that was part of a tribe of hobs that dwelt in the realm of Old Aurim. The hobgoblin was considered as a pundit by all, and sold a number of items from his cave. Hanuk was known to be treacherous and sneaky, having once stolen a magical scroll that explained how to create a potion that would allow a person to directly commune with Erestem.

Birth? AC
Death? AC
NationalityOld Aurim
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown

In 357 AC he gave such a potion to the young hob Feh, which led to the hob being granted considerable magical powers. The pundit heard of Feh's poor rule of the tribe afterwards, and told the deposed leader Snonk of the flaw in his newfound powers. Hanuk was a wizened hobgoblin, that had a bald pate, but long black hair and a braided beard.


  • Dragonlance Comic - Issue 28: The Perilous Power of Feh

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