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Riva Silverblade

Article written by Uziel & Lindsay Archer

Riva Silverblade (332 AC - 422 AC) was a female Knight of Solamnia who had dreams of entering the knighthood from a very early age. She was headstrong and impulsive at times, but noble of heart and had the courage of a Dragon. She adventured the length and breadth of Krynn, serving as a champion of Paladine and of the knighthood she represented. She was born as Riva Silvercrown, but during her career she was promoted to a Knight of the Sword, at which time she became known as Riva Silverblade. In her younger years, Riva was slender and athletic of build, had blue eyes and long blond hair swept back in a ponytail.

Riva Silverblade by Lindsay Archer.
EnlargeRiva Silverblade by Lindsay Archer.
NameRiva Silverblade
AliasRiva Silvercrown
Birth332 AC
Death422 AC
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
OccupationKnight of Solamnia
SiblingsMarik Silvercrown

Early Life

Riva grew up in the ancestral castle of her father Lord Silvercrown, and often dreamt of becoming a Knight of Solamnia, but never got the opportunity to participate in any knightly activities due to her gender. In secret, she trained her weapons skills, until she was fairly certain she could surpass most of her father's knights. She secretly entered a tournament her father held in 344 AC, which she won, embarrassing her father. However he pledged that he would not accept her into the knighthood. So Riva set about trying to impress her father, and learnt of a raid by Dark Dwarves on some Neidar merchants. Riva tried to aid them, but got captured herself and the dark dwarves offered her as a sacrifice to the White Dragon they served. Her father appeared, having tracked Riva down, and after falling under a curse and subsequently being freed, Riva and her father fled the cave of the dragon, as the cave itself came crashing down. The dragon was impaled on Riva's battle standard and died, and the young would-be knight returned home with her father's respect.

In 345 AC, Riva climbed a mountain to find a dragon's egg after her courage is called into question. She finds and falls through a nest, only to encounter a group of Gnomes who are trying to claim the dragon's treasure, and hold the hatchlings as captives. Riva instead helps the hatchlings fight off the gnomes, and is recognised by a Bronze Dragon as a "dragon-friend", however the bronze makes her forget these events, as the dragons are not yet ready to reveal themselves on Ansalon, due to the Oath of Neutrality.

War of the Lance

Riva is rescued by the young warrior Sturm Brightblade in 351 AC, after being set upon by a band of Hobgoblins. The two journey to a Temple of Majere, where Sturm leaves Riva in the care of the monks. Riva is acquainted with Vandar Brightblade, a monk in the temple, and Sturm's uncle. The Blue Dragonarmy come across the temple, and massacre the monks. Only Vandar and Riva escape the carnage. Vandar leads Riva to a shed near the temple where he reveals and gives her a Dragonlance. The pair are met by Fizban and the young boy Tip of Andor, and the group travelled to Castle Silvercrown, where
they are greeted by Riva's father, Lord Silvercrown and Riva's brother Marik. Not long after arriving, Fizban is attacked by Marik, who reveals himself to actually be a Sivak Draconian. The Sivak spy throws Fizban to his doom and taunts Vandar. Riva and the others arrive, where Riva challenges the Sivak to single combat. Riva defeats the draconian and is horrified to see it change into her form on dying. Riva has a dream in which she sees Vandar arguing with his long-dead brother Angriff. In the dream Angriff is wounded by an arrow and is later killed. Lord Soth and Takhisis tempt Riva and Vandar in the dream, until Riva wields the dragonlance against the Dark Queen. Riva awakens from the vivid dream only to find that Vandar has had the exact same dream. The two are further startled when Fizban appears, since they had thought him dead after the encounter with the Sivak. The Dragonarmies approach Castle Silvercrown and it is attacked by red and blue dragons. Riva wields the Dragonlance and strikes down a red dragon, and is then confronted by Dragon Highlord Kitiara and Skie. Kit and Riva fight, with Kit easily defeating and disarming Riva. However Vandar intervenes and uses his Medallion of Majere to create earth armor around his body. Vandar then challenges Kit, and begins to gain the upper hand, so Kit grabs the young Tip and holds him hostage. Whilst distracted, Skie sends a bolt of lightning which annihilates Vandar. As Riva stands shocked, Kit grabs the dragonlance and flees upon Skie. Fizban laters reveals that Riva was wielding a fake dragonlance and that he possessed the true one all along.

The Blue Dragonarmy reaches the city of Nethosak in the Blood Sea Isles in 354 AC and entreaties the minotaurs. As Kitiara and her officers parlay with the minotaur leaders... Tanis Half-Elven, the elven cleric Loralon, and Riva Silverblade arrive to also speak with the minotaurs about an alliance. Kitiara leads a flight of dragons against the minotaur city, after they refuse to ally themselves with her forces. However her dragons are turned aside as Loralon uses the might of the starstones to defeat them. Back in Nethosak, Horak tells Tanis, Loralon and Riva that he cannot accept an alliance with the Whitestone forces either, and wants his people to remain neutral.


In 357 AC, Riva is sailing her ship on a quest for Lord Gunthar out to the far east. Fizban appears and teleports her to Taladas, telling her that he wishes her to spread his message of love and goodwill to the forsaken people of the land. As she appears with her dragonlance and sword, she witnesses two thieving Legionnaires flee from a group of their comrades led by the minotaur Axantheas. The thieves, Skrum and Griffin, are being chased for stealing Axantheas' magical ring, to earn favor with the Emperor of the Imperial League. Riva intervenes and uses her lance to kill Axantheas' blue dragon.

Skrum and Griffin tell Riva about the Imperial League, how Axantheas became the servant of Erestem and is a traitor to the Emperor. In order to stop his plans Skrum cut off the minotaur's hand to get the ring and the pair fled. The Legion is now hunting the pair under Axantheas' orders since they are believed to be traitors to the Empire. As Axantheas leads half of his Legion with him to the Empire's capital city Kristophan, his lieutenant Tyche leads the other half and captures Riva, Skrum and Griffin. Tyche and his soldiers leads the captured trio back to Kristophan. Tyche then stages a diversion at the gates and orders all his men to leave. He then plots to murder the captors, under Axantheas' orders. Riva clubs the minotaur and allows them time to escape.

Skrum uses the magical Dragonring to summon a red dragon, on which the three plan to escape. Tyche again tries to stop them, and Riva kills the minotaur before they escape to safety on dragonback. After returning to the streets and freeing the dragon from service, the trio is soon approached by the merkitsa elves Sulai and Maraghiz, telling of Riva who is the person who they believe will allow good to spread across the land of Taladas.

Riva and her friends book passage on Captain Antara's ship, and travel with the Glass Sailors to find Riva's dragon Ktarrh. The Legion officer Karranus commandeers a ship in Kristophan to chase down Riva and her friends. Antara sails her ship through the elven caverns of Rathna Vulghan, where the ship manages to survive the magical beasts inside and emerge on the other side. Karranus has his ship skirt the caverns and attempt to ambush Antara's ship. However a shardstorm strikes and cuts people on both ships badly, temporarily stopping any conflict between the two ships. Riva awakens after the shardstorm to find that Antara's ship has been led to safety and she finds Ktarrh. Antara's ship returns to the lands of the Glass Sailors. On arriving in a small town, they are met by Lord Aris and the tribal mage Krey. Shortly after arriving they are informed that a group of horax are running rampant in the wheat fields and must be stopped. The group tries to thwart the horax, however Krey intervenes and uses a fire spell which destroys the horax...but also the entire wheat fields. After decimating the village's food supply, Krey is punished by the village elders and exiled. Riva cannot allow the boy to die in the impending shardstorm. With the aid of Maraghiz and Ktarrh, they find the boy and return him to the village. Lord Aris is enraged at the return of Krey and a fight soon breaks out. Krey attacks Aris however he is shot down and killed by the archer Tanal, who Riva saved during the fire in the fields. Antara and Riva talk briefly, before the pair and Riva's companions board the ship and set sail once more. In Southern Hosk, Riva, Maraghiz, Sulai, Griffin and Skrum run afoul of a minotaur patrol. The patrol batters the party, however they escape with a few injuries. Griffin bears severe wounds and Riva goes searching in a local village for some aid. She comes across the healer Tykel, who is a cleric of Mislaxa. Tykel uses her medicine to heal Griffin and the party continue on their adventures.

Return to Ansalon

Fleeing from a draconian patrol in 393 AC, an aging Riva who has been weakened by a kapak's poison, leaves her dead dragon Ktarrh behind. She comes across a small house, which is inhabited only by Darial and Shaya, two children whose parents were recently killed by draconians. The children bury their parents before Riva falls unconscious. Darial and Shaya hide Riva in a hay wagon as draconians search for her, then take her to a local healer. The healer draws the toxins out of Riva's system, bringing her into an awakened state. Riva and the children are forced to flee again, as the draconians find them. Riva waits until a flight of bronze dragons ridden by Solamnic Knights appear. Riva delivers a scroll to the knights, allowing them to uncover the draconian hideout and defeat them.

In the later parts of the Age of Mortals, Riva was granted the position of head knight in Castle Eastwatch, in the realm of Southern Ergoth. A respected elderly knight, she served as the garrison commander for several decades, until she finally passed away of old age in 422 AC.


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