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Eran (? AC - 348 AC) was a male Human who was a high priest in the cult of Usa the Mighty , and dwelt in the Highvale province of the Imperial League. The cult leader led his cultists on a raid on the village of Boremium in 348 AC, hoping to crush and subjugate the villagers. However the residents of Boremium, along with some passing adventurers managed to drive off Eran, his cultists and Goblins, and forced them to flee back to their fledgling temple in an abandoned ruin of a fortress. The adventurers followed Eran's band back to the temple, and in a vicious fight, the high priest was cut down.

Birth? AC
Death348 AC
NationalityHoor People
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationPriest of Usa the Mighty

He was known to have had some loose dealings with Trandamere, the Bishop of Hith, but his life was cut short before any true alliance could be established.


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