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Maelstrom (Storm)

Article written by Ambro & Ray Morris

The Maelstrom was a colossal storm that was in the Blood Sea of Istar. The storm started when the sea formed during the Cataclysm and continued to the Summer of Chaos. During this time the currents moved clockwise while the winds moved counterclockwise. The storms would have green lightning. It was about 250 miles across. There were legends that said it would lead to the Abyss and those who were pulled through would serve the Gods of Darkness. In truth, there was a portal to the Abyss in the Pit of Istar, which was in the center of the Maelstrom. The pit was 300 feet down from the water's surface.

The Maelstrom by Ray Morris.
EnlargeThe Maelstrom by Ray Morris.

Sections of the Maelstrom

Outer Reach

Main Article: Outer Reach

The Outer Reach was the first part of the Maelstrom.

Tightening Ring

Main Article: Tightening Ring

The Tightening Ring was the last section any Mariner would dare enter.

Nightmare Sea

Main Article: Nightmare Sea

The Nightmare Sea was the sections where the storms became exceptionally violent.

Heart of Darkness

Main Article: Heart of Darkness

The Heart of Darkness was the center of the Maelstrom.


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