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Tomb of the Great King

Article written by Uziel

The Tomb of the Great King is a large burial chamber that is rumored to have survived the Great Destruction, and holds the remains of either the sixth or seventh ruler of the Aurim Empire. Legends across Taladas persist that the tomb still exists somewhere in Old Aurim, and that it holds great treasure as well as great danger.

In some tales, the tomb holds the Great King who will wake from his eternal sleep and herald in a new golden age for the land. In other tales, the king wore a mystical crown made from the same materials as the Grathanich, and that he sealed himself away in a tomb to never be found again, rather than let the corrupting influence of the Grathanich affect anyone else. A final tale is that the Great King was evil beyond anything seen before on Taladas, and that his advisors attempted a coup to stop him. They led him into a tomb and had the entrance magically sealed, sacrificing themselves in the bargain, but forever sealing this horrible evil away.


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