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Crown of Tides

Article written by Ambro

The Crown of Tides is a cherished Dimernesti Elf magical artifact. It is a tall blue crown made out of coral. The crown is studded with many rare pearls of various sizes. It is usually kept in the Window to the Deep which is at the top of the Tower of the Sea in Dimernost. The Speaker of the Sea only wears it during affairs of state.

The Crown of Tides gives the wearer the ability to control water. Even those how don't know how to use Magic can do this if they are touching the Mother of the Sea (a large pearl at the very top of the Tower of the Sea). The wearer can do many other things as well. They can swim much faster than normal, communicate with all animals and plants that live in the sea. They can even make plants and coral grow faster. The wearer is also immune to certain Charm magic while wearing the crown. Also, the wearer can cast various spells too. The crown can run out of abilities with over use. It will regain them in time, but will do it faster if kept close to the Mother of the Sea.

History of the Crown of Tides

How the crown came to be is unknown, but the Dimernesti have had it since the Age of Dreams. Over the centuries, the Dimernesti used it to rebel invading sea Creatures. During Sagarassi's second war the Dimernesti used it against her. In the early Age of Mortals, the Speaker of the Sea Nuqala Windspeaker used it to keep Brynseldimer from destroying Dimernost and for repairing the damage he did in the city. Nuqala hoped to use the crown to open the portal called the Endless Hall to the Dargonesti Elf lands in the Blood Sea for help in dealing with Brine. She was not able to make it work but thought the answers on how to do it were in an ancient site called the Roost. In 416 AC, the Heroes of the Heart killed the Sea Dragon and Nuqala lent the crown to Ferilleeagh Dawnsprinter. Feril returned the crown a year later.


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