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The Minoi are one of the types of Gnomes that live in the Spire Mountains surrounding Hitehkel. The minoi are the soldiers, workers and artists and commoners of the gnomes, whose creative minds are similar in many respects to the gnomes of Ansalon. They are larger in number than their cousins, the Gnomoi, and are supposedly descended from the Smiths who were cursed by Reorx for their pride.

Minoi are the poets, soldiers, scribes, clerks, sculptors, painters, laborers and actors of the kingdom, who merrily design devices that operate in an obscure fashion... often not delivering the result of what they were designed for originally. The minoi are haphazard creators and testers, often viewing the careful manner in which the gnomoi supervise their work as bordering on the paranoid. The minoi bear no resentment against the gnomoi for acting in the roles of leaders of the military, engineers or the government, more than happy to let the gnomoi handle the more boring jobs, whilst the minoi enjoy the exciting roles on the front lines of a battle, or creating the next mad invention.


Minoi are around three to three and a half feet tall, with rotund bodies, round cheeks, recessed eyes and long and large noses. Male minoi tend to get wrinkles early, and grow both beards and mustaches in a length designated by their occupation. Warriors often have braided beards, whilst craftsmen have short trimmed beards, leaders have long beards, and apprentices are beardless. The males often wear pullover shirts with thick breeches and hard reinforced steel boots. Some gnomes also wear leather aprons, leather skullcaps or masks, depending on their occupation. Administrators wear flowing robes and tasselled stoles, as well as brimless caps on occasion. Female minoi are often more plump than the males, are completely beardless, with ash-blond to straw colored hair. They often get white hair by 150 years of age, and wear practical clothes of blouses and linen skirts.


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