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Army of Watermere

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The Army of Watermere is the army that protects the Dargonesti Elf country of Watermere. The army is very organized. It is ultimately led by the Speaker of the Moon. A number of generals run the army from Takaluras. During peace times there are at least three generals, but during a war there are a maximum of eighteen.

Females are allowed to have a career in the army doing times of war. Once a war is over those of captain or higher are allowed to stay but are encouraged to leave and start a family. The Dargonesti Elves do not believe that females are not as good as Warriors as men but respect females ability to have children to continue their race. Every Dargonesti of twenty has to enter the army for between four and eight years. Also every able bodied adult (male and female) must drill in a unit once every 36 days.

The soldiers use Daggers, Lances, Tridents, nets, Spears, Bwohrb, clubs with shark teeth, and some use Longswords. The type of armor normally used is made of ray or eel leather. Some members wear shell armor which is leather armor fitted with specially treated shells that are as hard as steel. Sheilds are not normally used in practice but for ceremonial reasons.

The Order of the Dolphin only becomes attached to the army during times of war.

Organization Structure

Company (Watermere)
Leftgroup, Rightgroup

Special Companies

Company of the Octopus


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