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Baltchians are the residents of the nation of Baltch, in the southeast corner of the realm of Taladas. The mostly Human folk are of average height and of a stocky build. Baltchians are tanned and weatherworn, with males customarily growing long beards and mustaches, and women wear their straight hair long and free-flowing. The folk of Baltch wear cotton clothing that is dyed in all sorts of bright colors, and often wear pants and a loose-fitting jacket when working in the fields, and flowing robes when not working. Baltchians frequently wear headgear, ranging from scarves, headbands or straw hats.

The residents of Baltch are known as master engineers, who in times past constructed many of the great architectural monuments and buildings throughout the Aurim Empire. They have since turned their hands to working on their own small nation, and constructing logical and creative buildings to make their own lives easier.

The folk of Baltch speak their own dialect, simply known as the Baltch Language.


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