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Traag Draconian

Article written by Uziel

Traag Draconians are a subtype of Draconian that are spawned from Brass Dragon eggs, and were the predecessor to the later Baaz Draconian. They are emaciated and gangly creatures, that are brass colored and have a long powerful tail. Traag have long draconic snouts and can be overcome by a berserker rage within moments.

NameTraag Draconian
RelationsSesk Draconian, Baaz Draconian
LandsOld Aurim

The Traag were initially created for the Dragonarmies, with the view that they would be the perfect soldiers, as they were one of the first experiments in the Age of Despair that seemed to be a success. They were soon bred in great numbers, until there were thousands of Traag created that were trained to serve in the Dragonarmies. However the servants of Takhisis soon realised several major flaws with the Traag: they were innately cowardly, only a small few traag were produced from a single egg, and they had a tendency to go berserk and attack anything at any moment.

Soon the Traag were viewed as a failed prototype, and Takhisis magically transported them all to the realm of Taladas, rather than have her army go through the trouble of putting thousands of them to death. The Traag migrated to the region of Old Aurim, where they soon began to battle against the Hobgoblins for dominance of the area.

Since this time, the Traag have established a series of tribes and settlements throughout Old Aurim, where each tribe is led by a chieftain. There are only males amongst the Traag, they have no young or females amongst them. They are carnivores, however due to the desolate region they live in, they have been forced to resort to scavenging and will eat anything they get their claws into.


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