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New Aurim

Article written by Uziel

New Aurim is the capital city of the dark nation of Thenol, in the lands of Southern Hosk. The city is perched on the banks of the Evole River and set northeast of the ruins of Hawkbluff. The city was the original home of the refugees of Styrllia that founded the nation under Guidan following the Great Destruction. However in the Age of Despair, New Aurim changed completely with the rise of Church of Hith, and the domination of Trandamere, Bishop of Hith.

CityNew Aurim
Settlement TypeCity
CountrySouthern Hosk
LeaderKing of Thenol / Bishop of Hith
Founded1 AC

New Aurim has narrow cobbled streets that are made of gray slate, the buildings of the city are also made of gray wood and stone, and gray mud seems to be everywhere in this dank and dirty settlement. Even the Thenolites wear predominantly gray clothes, and a constant drizzle seems to hang over the city. Executions by Hith's faithful occur almost every week, and the people generally live in fear of the church. The streets of the city form a confusing maze throughout New Aurim, and at night every house is kept locked and secured from the creatures that roam throughout.

A vast twenty foot wall surrounds New Aurim, which has battlements that are manned by zombies and skeletons. The houses nearest the wall have been abandoned by the Thenolites, and darker creatures have moved into these abodes.

In the central part of the city are the public buildings, including the meeting halls for the Senate of Lords. The meeting hall was once abandoned in favour of meeting in Hawkbluff. However with the destruction of Hawkbluff in the Age of Mortals, the meeting hall is likely used once more. A series of temples to a number of gods were also set throughout the central part of the city, however all were abandoned in the Age of Despair, in favor of the worship of Hith.

Buildings of New Aurim

Inn of the Dead
King's Palace (New Aurim)
Pub of the Grinning Dead
Temple of Hith (New Aurim)
The Quiet Kender Tavern


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