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Bishop of Hith

Article written by Uziel

The Bishop of Hith is the leader of the Church of Hith in the dark nation of Thenol in the lands of Southern Hosk. Since the days of Bishop Trandamere, the Bishop of Hith has become the shadow ruler of Thenol, treating the King of Thenol as little more than a puppet.

Past Bishops of Hith

Trandamere (312 AC - ? AC) was the first true Bishop of Hith, who brought about drastic change in Thenol, and brought the nation under his heel.

Ondelos (? AC - 424 AC) served as Bishop of Hith after the Second Destruction and waged war on the Imperial League.

Existing Bishop of Hith

It is unknown who presently serves as the leader of the Church of Hith.


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