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Legions of Eragas

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The Legions of Eragas are the military might of the Imperial League, and are one of the primary factors in making the League the most dominant nation in contemporary Taladas. The bulk of the army is formed by the legionnaires, which are made up of the heavy infantry, the bowmen and slingers. The heavy infantry all wear thick bronze plate armor, whilst the bowmen and slingers generally wear more lightweight padded or quilted armor.

Beyond the foot soldiers are the cavalry, which is separated into the unarmored light cavalry, the Outlanders and the heavy cavalry. The Outlanders are a mix of recruits from Thenol, the Tamire and New Mountains, and work as scouts and screens for the approaching forces. The heavy cavalry (also known as the mantari) are those armored soldiers and armored horses that lead devastating charges against their foes. They are usually preserved until well into a battle and lead all the processions and marches of the army throughout the cities of the League. The heavy cavalry is predominantly comprised of the most skilled troops in any legion, as well as nobles and the children of wealthy and powerful members of the League.

Joining the Legions of Eragas

Joining the ranks of the League army is quite simple. All it requires is for an individual to speak to a recruiter at the Ministry of War and Defense in Kristophan, and undergo a physical examination. Assuming these basic formalities are fine, then the recruit must pledge their life to the service of the Emperor of the Imperial League, pledge their loyalty to the empire, to swear to obey their superiors, and to never shirk from battle. Anyone from any background is welcome in the ranks of the League army, except for magic-users who are redirected to the College of Magic.

All new recruits are taken to the Encampment of the Bearkiller Legion, where they are housed in the "New Calves" section. These new recruits are then put through an intensive two-month fitness regime, designed to weed out the weak and ensure only the strong serve in the army. Those who fail are often assigned to administrative duties in the government instead. After the two month training, all successful recruits are then assigned to a Legion and given a specific role. The legionary is then tattoed on arrival to their legion, for both identification for deserters and so that the fighter is accorded the respect due to any soldier of the empire.

Command Structure

Most recruits join the Legions of Eragas at the lowly rank of Private. However the occasional exceptional recruit is instead sent off to the Officers School in Vinlans, where they undergo a four-year training course and return as Lieutenants. Ordinarily most soldiers in the army rise through the ranks due to impressive service in the field, or sometimes simply through the length of their service to the empire.

The ranks are as follows:
Master Sergeant
Sergeant Major
General (Duces)

The Duces possess the highest normal rank in the Legions of Eragas, and they all report to the General of the Army. The General of the Army has major dealings with the Minister of War and the General Quarter-Master, but ultimately the General of the Army only reports to the Emperor.

In times of war, the Legions of Eragas are formed into proper Field Armies, and they all report to the various Military Governors and the General Quarter-Master, and ultimately they all report to the General of the Army.

A Soldier's Pay

The soldiers of the empire are paid well for their services, being that they are the backbone of the Imperial League. A private earns around 3 steel a month, a corporal gets 8 steel a month, a sergeant gets 13 steel a month, and so forth. In the upper echelons of the army, the pay increases significantly, with lieutenants receiving 60 steel a month, captains on 120 steel a month, colonels receive 160 steel a month, majors receive 200 steel a month, and duces getting 260 steel a month... and sometimes more depending on the seniority of the general.

Soldiers can sometimes receive even more pay through exceptional service, and they are also allowed to keep any plunder and pickings from enemy cities or from bodies on the field of battle. Also all soldiers are offered health benefits when at home, and are also awarded a pension when their services are no longer required by the League, and they have served long and honorably.


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