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Temple of Darkness

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Temple of Darkness, or called the Temple of Takhisis, was the temple in Neraka that the Dark Queen planted the Foundation Stone from the Temple of Istar. It was in the Temple Square of the Inner City, and was visible for many miles away. The walls were all distorted and twisted, much like a claw had been thrust out of the ground. Around that hand was what looked like spiny thorns. The temple was also stuck in the shadowy border between the physical plane and the Abyss. The temple was guarded by the Black Guard, Blue Watch, Green Regiment, Red Watch, and White Legion.

There were several areas of the Temple that were important to note. First was the Temple Main Gate which was the main entrance in, and the doors were always left open. The doors were huge and made of steel with the symbols of the Dark Queen carved on them. Dark pilgrims attend the gate who know the command word to disarm the five traps. The five traps in order are White (cold), Green (acid), Red (fire), Blue (electricity), and Black (acid).

The Army Gates are five smaller gates that lead into the Temple. Each gate faces one of the dragonarmy camps, and was protected by their respective Watch. Each gate was trapped by one of the dragon breath weapons. All officers of the dragonarmies knew the command word to disarm the traps on these gates.


Following the Cataclysm, and destruction of the Temple of Istar, Takhisis took a piece of the temple and put it in a valley in the Khalkist Mountains. Pilgrims would later find it in 141 AC, and name their new settlement Neraka thinking it was the long lost city. The temple would flourish with the rise of the new city, slowly at first. It was going to be a gate for Takhisis to enter Krynn, but when Berem and Jasla found a jeweled column they locked the gate with the death of his sister and gem implanted on Berem's chest.

The temple would stand as the symbol of evil during the War of the Lance until the very end days in 352 AC. That was when the Heroes of the Lance were at the temple, and Berem was allowed to throw himself upon the Foundation Stone. This sealed Takhisis in the Abyss, and the temple collapsed upon itself.

Following the destruction of the temple, the ruins sank deep into the ground. Now all that remains is a deep black hole, where dark creatures such as Horaxes have been taking up residence.


Chamber of Gorzaug
Foundation Stone


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