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High King

Article written by Uziel

The High King is the title held by the grand ruler of the Nylgai Hadirnoe of the OdderRhing in Northern Hosk. The High King is a position that only a dwarf from the Chieftain's Clan can hold, whom is selected by the dwarves by vote from all the other clans. Once a High King is selected, they must serve as the ruler for life.

The High King is the only Nylgai who can pass laws, as well as raise the army for war, or levy taxes. The High King is assisted in all his endeavours by a series of administrators, as well as the Council of Clansmen.

One of the most significant administrative tasks of the High King is performing a census of all dwarves and property in the OdderRhing. This is done whenever a new High King is appointed, and is a means to validate that the correct taxes are being paid, and that the correct number of dwarves in attendence at the council. Since a census can sometimes herald a change in taxes, occasionally an unpopular High King has come under scrutiny when trying to alter taxes, and has been forced to reduce taxes or face a revolt by his people.


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