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Chieftain's Clan

Article written by Uziel

The Chieftain's Clan is one of the many clans of the Nylgai Hadirnoe. The clan is the royal house of the dwarves, and it is from amongst these princes of the Nylgai, that the High King is selected. Whilst the High King is the absolute ruler of the dwarves, the other princes of the clan hold a number of hereditary and assigned titles which are also important in nature.

Positions of the Chieftain's Clan

Chamberlain of the High King
Chamberlain of the High Queen
Commander of the Faithful
Great Revoker
High King
Imperial Drillmaster
Imperial Exchequer
Keeper of the Holy Forge
Lord Firemaster
Proconsul of the Black Gate
Sergeant of the Black Gate
Steward of the Household
Treasurer of the Imperial Guard


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