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The OdderRhing is the underground kingdom of the Nylgai Hadirnoe. The realm is a large series of caverns and tunnels that have been delved by the dwarves beneath the Ring Mountains. The realm is ruled by the High King of the Nylgai, and there are approximately 200,000 dwarves living in the settlements of the OdderRhing.

Largest CityUnknown
Founded1 AC
LanguagesDwarvish, Scorned
RulerHigh King of the Nylgai Hadirnoe

The High King is in turn served by the many clans, and is advised by the Council of Clansmen. The High King is also assisted by the Order of Makers, a separate and important part of Nylgai culture.

Whilst the Nylgai dwell in most parts of the OdderRhing, in more recent times the foul Disir have overtaken the southernmost parts of the kingdom. The disir are waging a war against the dwarves, who are responding in kind. The Nylgai have gained the aid of the Bilo Gnomes and a number of Human wizards to push back and attempt to exterminate the disir from the OdderRhing completely.

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Sea of Bones


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