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Nylgai Hadirnoe Dwarf

Article written by Uziel

Nylgai Hadirnoe are a clan of hill Dwarves that live in the deepest parts of the Ring Mountains in Northern Hosk. The Nylgai once dwelt on the surface, but with the coming of the Great Destruction they fled underground. Over time they have delved so deep into the earth, that most folk on the surface of Taladas do not even know of their existence.

The Nylgai are a highly organised people that live in the OdderRhing, which is a series of caverns tunnelled beneath the Ring Mountains. The dwarves are set into various clans, which are organised by trade and class. Every clan contributes to the overall whole of the Nylgai government and is considered important. Ultimately all the clans and the Nylgai themselves are subservient to the High King.


Prior to the Great Destruction, the Nylgai Hadirnoe lived above ground in the Ring Mountains, and physically resembled dwarves on Ansalon. They had a series of settlements and were organised into various guilds. However the devastation of the Great Destruction led the dwarves to head into the depths of their earth. Many years spent delving the OdderRhing has altered their physical appearance.

However the depths to which the Nylgai delved their tunnels, eventually led them into the path of the Disir, a vicious underground race which previously had preyed on their own kind and other creatures of the dark. Ever since they first crossed paths, the disir and the Nylgai have waged war on one another, with raids carried out by both sides. The Nylgai have learnt some basic words in Dis, and have used the occasional spy to learn what they can of the disir to counter their raids. In the present time, the Nylgai have contacted the Bilo Gnomes and various Humans who have come to their aid in the war against the disir. It is a long fought battle, however the Nylgai are gradually gaining the upper hand by destroying the breeding chambers of the disir, whenever they find them.


The average male Nylgai stands at four to four and a half feet tall, whilst female Nylgai average three and a half to four feet in height. They are a lean people with pale brown skin and large blue eyes.Their hair color is anything from a fiery red to blond, and they both males and females grown distinctive beards, as well as have large bulbous noses.

Nylgai males dress depending on their station. The working class miners tend to wear overalls and dense smocks, as well as heavy workboots and a tool belt. The smocks of the Nylgai miners are decorated with their clan emblem. The craftsmen of the Nylgai wear tight fitting shirts and heavy leather aprons which are decorated with the type of trade they carry out. The upper-class clan leaders and merchants of the Nylgai wear richly designed robes and small caps, to clearly mark themselves as the wealthiest dwarves of their kind.

Female Nylgai wear long gowns and dresses, crafted of soft leathers and decorated with ribbons. Some of the more practical dresses are made from hard leather and goat yarn instead.

Beyond the standard attire, is the clothing worn by the soldiers of the Nylgai Hadirnoe. Soldiers wear finely crafted chain mail or plate armor, as well as iron helms, shields, spears and double-edged swords. The only race to have access to finer iron and greater weaponry than the Nylgai are the Gnomes.

Nylgai fare is bland and basic, and they cannot stomach rich foods of any kind. They do however place great emphasis on the creation of ale, espousing that they make the finest ale on Taladas. They also have a love of storytelling and the spoken word in every medium. Nylgai bards have places of honor at every feast, and there are often inter-clan competitions in which Nylgai dwarves will challenge one another with poetry. Like most dwarves though, the greatest love of the Nylgai is stone, which they carve and shape constantly deep underground.

Clans of the Nylgai

Armorer Clan
Caster Clan
Chieftain's Clan
Furrier Clan
Goldsmith Clan
Guildmaster Clan
Jeweler Clan
Miner Clan
Scribe Clan
Smith Clan
Tanner Clan
War Clan
Weaver Clan

Companies of the Nylgai

Anvil Company
Bonecracker Company
Chisel Company
Red Beard Company
Rock Lizard Company


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