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Masud the Hateful

Article written by Uziel

Masud the Hateful (? AC - ? AC) is a powerful female Red Dragon who was forced into captivity along with all other Chromatic Dragons at the end of the Third Dragon War. She was released along with her fellows dragons on Taladas in 210 AC, and she raced across the land with her mate.

NameMasud the Hateful
Birth? PC
Death? AC
RaceRed Dragon
Eye ColorUnknown

The draconic pair flew to the Bilo Columns, where they butchered the Bilo Gnomes around the settlement of Ilmachtothtalchder, and then settled into their new residence. Since then Masud has borne a clutch of hatchlings and the numbers of dragons in the area have increased. Her mate has since passed away, however Masud is keen to find another mate to breed more hatchlings and continue her dominance of the area.


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