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Baltch is a small island kingdom located in the southeastern part of Taladas, slightly eastward of the jungle nation of Neron. The realm was once part of the mainland of Taladas, but broke away during the Great Destruction, and lies just barely above sea level. The kingdom and its people are locked in a neverending battle against the sea, trying to prevent their foe from sweeping them away into the ocean during one of the many tropical storms that come from the Urdile Ocean.

Largest CityUnknown
LanguagesBaltch Language
RulerMaster Engineer

The Baltchians have always been well known for their engineering skills and are led by the Master Engineer, ruler of the kingdom. The Master Engineer has enforced a bureaucratic system, known as the Great Register, in which every person within Baltch must give a thorough account of themselves and their lives to fill the records of the kingdom. The Engineers are the ruling class of Baltch, and are assisted by the Recorders, who are the wizards of the realm.

Given that Baltch is an island kingdom, it's no surprise that they have well developed ships and a standing army of folk ready to serve as sailors. The ships of the kingdom are constructed from materials garnered from the Great Reed Delta, or other parts of Neron. The ships of Baltch regularly trade with folk from The Fisheries and the Rainward Isles, and also on rarer occasions with the people of Thenol.

Geographical Features

The Seawall


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