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Sindri Suncatcher

Article written by trogers81

Sindri Suncatcher (? AC - ? AC) was a Kender who became a hero during the aftermath of the War of the Lance. Sindri was a 3 ½ foot tall male who like to wear bright colors and colorful capes. His capes had extra pockets that "materialized" people's possessions. Sindri Suncatcher swore to everyone that he would be the greatest kender wizard ever and he would get the chance to prove that because of his journey with the Young Adventurers.

NameSindri Suncatcher
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorUnknown
Height3 ½ feet tall
OccupationYoung Adventurer

Early Life

Sindri Suncatcher grew up in the small village of Weavewillow, near the city of Kendermore. His mother used to tell young Sindri that the sun is what gave him his power. Sindri was eager to prove his magic potential. Wanderlust struck Sindri at an early age and he left home before the age of 20 in search of adventure.

During his travels, Sindri was arguing with an alchemist who did not believe the kender conjured up a vial of water-breathing potion. The alchemist was angry yet Sindri was saved by a squire, Catriona Goodlund. Catriona swore to protect the young kender from himself and the two traveled together from that day.

Temple of the Dragonslayer

Sindri met Davyn and Nearra by accident, with Sindri escaping the large grasp of a minotaur named Jax, and running straight into Davyn. Sindri had "conjured" the Minotaur's steel and Jax was unhappy. Jax was angry and just wanted his steel back but Sindri kept taunting him with a "spell". Davyn wanted to escape the minotaur's fury so he used his magic ring to lift the minotaur's weapon and crack him between the eyes with it. Sindri thought he was the one that actually did the spell and swore to help Nearra recover her memory. Catriona and the elf, Elidor agreed to help take Nearra to the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars.

A dark wizard was watching named Maddoc. He had plans for the young adventurer Nearra. If she grew frighten enough, she would force the Emergence of the spirit of Asvoria from her body. Because of this, Maddoc sent an Ogre and a dragon named Slean after the party. Nearra was captured and taken to the Underfell, a hideout for mercenaries. Sindri and the Adventurers rescued Nearra from the Crypt of a Thousand Voices and defeated the ogre Ugo, and resumed their travels.

The Young Adventurers traveled to the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars. They met true clerics who attempted to bring Nearra's memory back, but couldn't break Maddoc's spell. Nearra was frustrated but Elidor and the others were still dedicated to finding a way for her memory to return. Maddoc's plan was not over as the green dragon Slean was called to attack the temple and scare Nearra into releasing the dark soul she had captive.

Slean attacked the Temple and demanded they give her Nearra. The Young Adventurers stood against Slean but were losing badly. Sindri was hit by Slean's chlorine breath and passed out. Nearra, with Asvoria's spirit as her guide, found the location of a holy weapon, Elethia's arrow. She snatched the arrow from inside a stone mosaic and stabbed Slean in the tail. With the holy energies surging through the arrow, Slean fell dead. The temple had been saved and Nearra was safe for the moment.

The Clerics of the temple found a scroll that told of powerful wizards that lived in the city-kingdom of Arngrim. They thought this might be the best chance to restore Nearra's memory. But Davyn knew this was just more of Maddoc's manipulations. The Young Adventurers left the safety of the temple and started their path northwest to the city-kingdom of Arngrim.


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