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Frostclaw (? – ? AC) was a White Dragon that lived on after death in servitude to the Wizard Asvoria. The undead dragon appeared in an ice cavern with pieces of rotten flesh drapping from its body, no skin on its skull, hollow blue eyes, and pieces of skin hanging from its wings.

RaceWhite Dragon
Eye ColorBlue

Return of the Sorceress

Frostclaw had remained buried in the secret labyrinth below Cairngorn Keep for centuries in a chamber of supernatural cold, guarding one of Asvoria's most prized possessions, the Daystar. When the Young Adventurers entered the chamber in an attempt to rescue their friend Nearra, it was all the undead dragon needed to rise and fight again. It attacked the adventurers and almost killed them all until Catriona tossed her oil lamp onto the back of the white reanimated dragon. The tattered body of Frostclaw went up into flames but the spirit of Frostclaw would not die. It assumed the recently dead body of a wild Kagonesti, Kuruk, and went to retrieve the Daystar from the Young Adventurers.

The Young Adventurers fought a massive battle against the resurrected Asvoria for control of the Daystar. Frostclaw, entered the fray and fulfilled his obligation, retrieving the Daystar for Asvoria from the "thieving" Adventurers. Asvoria was pleased and released Frostclaw's spirit to return to the Grey.


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