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Gus Fishbiter

Article written by Tirinel

Gus (? AC - ? AC) was an Aghar Dwarf, who lived in Thorbardin in the Fishbiter household with his mother, Mam Fishbiter, father, Pap Fishbiter and two brothers, Birt Fishbiter and Ooz Fishbiter.

NameGus Fishbiter
Birth? AC
Death? AC
NationalityAghar Dwarf
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
SiblingsBirt Fishbiter
Ooz Fishbiter

He stood to three feet tall, had round big eyes, and a large nose.

Pax Tharkas

Gus first meets a female Gully Dwarf named Slooshy, and with her he first goes exploring. Because of the recent law past that all Aghar should be killed at sight, Slooshy and Gus narrowly escaped from a group of bloodthirsty Theiwar Dwarves, and were washed into the sewers under Thorbardin. Gus managed to scramble out of the danger as he progressed lower, leaving Slooshy to die where he had lost her.

Being sad, he moved on and was then captured by the slaves of the black robed dwarven wizard Willim the Black for use in experiments. However, he managed to escape when a group of Daergar dwarves, employed by their king to assassinate Willim because of his increasing threat, arrived and stormed the place. But Willim survived the attack, killing everyone who had dared to do such a thing, but then, giving Gus a potion to test after, he switched it for the wrong flask; a Teleportation potion that Gus drank and was whisked of to the snowy peaks of the mountains near Thorbardin.

Willim, meanwhile, was terribly angry, as the Dwarf had stolen his most precious potion yet; a potion that enhanced ones abilities to the maximum, making the drinker stronger and more agile. Gus had this in his possession, and Willim sent a minion that he had summoned to find the Gully dwarf, kill him, and bring back the potion. However, such a plan did not work when a beautiful dwarf maid named Gretchan Pax with a small but very strong hammer and a big dog, Kondike, discovered Gus. She took him in, gave him food and water and company. After this, the trio traveled to a town named Hillhome, were Gus fought valiantly against a Dwarf named Harn Poleaxe because of his attempted rape of Gretchan, and they exited Hillhome to head for Pax Tharkas, in search for the Bluestone and Greenstone, which the Klar Dwarves had captured.


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