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Ilmach or (Ilmachrutandabrunthabram) is a huge city of the Bilo Gnomes that is located around one of the Bilo Columns. Massive steel porticullis' blocked access from ground level into the column, and a large amount of rooms were carved out of the column itself. Small chimneys were dotted throughout the column, emitting black smoke and steam from the various workrooms of the gnomes.

Settlement TypeCity
CountryNorthern Hosk
ProvinceBilo Columns
LeaderFirst-Maker of Ilmach

One of the largest features of the city were the shipyards, from which the great flying ships of the gnomes were suspended by chains and kept above the stone floor. Large stone hatches were based in the floor, through which the ships were lowered when they due to take off.

In 425 AC, the city came under attack by kurshakur, who were operating under orders from Maladar an-Desh. The fire minions reduced the city to a smoking ruin amongst the Bilo Columns.


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