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Bilo Gnomes

Article written by Uziel

The Bilo Gnomes or (Bilogastandirachgnomius) are a branch of the Gnomes that was separated during the Great Destruction from the main gnome communities in the Spire Mountains. They reside in the Bilo Columns, spread across ten large communities both in and under the columns. They resemble their cousins in the Spire Mountains in almost every way, standing at three to three and a half feet tall, with a broad frame, large nose, ruddy complexion, and straggly long hair. The Bilo Gnomes are particularly careful about hygeine (unlike most other nations in Taladas), and bathe regularly... and insist that visitors to their realm also bathe before being granted an audience.

The male Bilo gnomes dress in basic striped tunics, garishly colored hose, with soft shoes and a leather belt to finish the ensemble. They wear hooded cloaks in nasty weather and when dealing with outsiders. Female Bilo gnomes normally wear long gowns and silver or golden circlets, but dress in more toned down colors once they are married. Every gnome, irrespective of gender or station is expected to operate in the militia. Men mostly serve as soldiers, whilst unmarried women serve as auxillaries (such as archers and slingers). Mothers, children and the elderly serve as cooks, messengers and medics in the militia. The sergeants and captains of the militia are formed from amongst the most experienced leaders of the community.

Each of the ten towns of the Bilo Gnomes is ruled by a mayor (also known as a Burgher or First-Maker), who form the Council of Burghers. The mayors are individually elected by the people of each community. The council is headed by a Burgomeister, who is nominated by his (or her) fellow Burghers. The councillors also nominate a Grand Imperator and the Warden of the Eastern Marches. Whilst the Burgomeister governs all council decisions and is the ruler of the Bilo Gnomes, the Grand Imperator is the leader of the military, and is the most powerful gnome during a time of war. (During a time of peace, they are mostly just ignored and propped up in a corner somewhere...) The Warden of the Eastern Marches is in charge of security for the eastern columns in times of peace, and during war serves as the second in charge to the Grand Imperator. These three powerful positions are held for life.

The communities of the Bilo gnomes roughly number 1000 gnomes each, meaning in total there are approximately 10,000 Bilo gnomes. The gnomes of the Columns are split into two groups: the gnomoi and the minoi. The gnomoi are the gifted and skilled gnomes, who hold most of the positions of power within the realm, whilst the minoi are the blundering tinkerers that hold most of the basic laborer positions. The minoi are cared for and indulged by the wiser gnomoi, who treat their fellow gnomes with respect and a paternal instinct.

The Bilo gnomes are well-known for the elaborate timepieces and clockwork toys that they make, which are prized by the wealthy of Taladas.


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