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Glass Sailors

Article written by Uziel

The Glass Sailors are the Humans who inhabit the Shining Lands of the Ring Mountains in Northern Hosk. They originally hailed from the great Aurim Empire, but following the Great Destruction formed their own tribe amongst the newly developed Shining Lands. The Glass Sailors developed methods to survive in this new land and believed that the gods brought down destruction on Taladas as a means of testing them and their faith. The folk of the Shining Lands believe that their environment is the test, and that if they survive and prosper, that eventually they will be taken to the realm of the Highfather, master of all the gods.

Because of their beliefs, the Glass Sailors are convinced that leaving their land would be failing their test, and end any hope of reaching paradise and favor with the gods. On the rare occasions when any Glass Sailor is forced to leave the Shining Lands, they receive a rite of purification on re-entering. The rite involves burying the individual up to their neck in sharp-edged black sand. Through suffering, the Glass Sailors believe that the evil is then purged from the person's body. By the same ideal, the worst crimes amongst the Glass Sailors are punished with banishment, as they are convinced that through this, they have denied the criminal a means of ever entering paradise.

The Glass Sailors are not warlike or overly aggressive, and their only neighbours they deal with are the Gnomes from the Bilo Columns. They have developed their fighting skills to fend off attacks from Horax and Skrit however, and use metal swords, glass clubs and darts for this purpose. The Glass Sailors also wear breastplates and half-cuisse (leg armor) to protect themselves when fighting these creatures.

The Glass Sailors live in small community groups, and have approximately 400 families spread throughout the Shining Lands. It is believed that currently around 10,000 Glass Sailors live in the region. There is a basic monarchy amongst the Glass Sailors, which is originally traced back to a prince of the Aurim Empire that became a Glass Sailor. Because of this, there are several "royal" families, however it is a matter of prestige only, and they have no power or authority over the other families. The folk of the Shining Lands treat men and women equally, although only men can be navigators of their ships, and women are normally the only bards and historians of the people.

The folk of the Shining Lands live in lava caves, that are sealed with a basic airlock of sorts, to protect the cave from the harsh winds and sands of the realm. Lighting is provided through the use of phosporescent fungi, and the folk sleep on hide spreads and reed mats. The people harvest the most polished glass of their land and trade and sell it to the gnomes and occasional Dwarves that visit their realm. One of the most well-known achievements of the Glass Sailors is the construction and use of their ships, the Xogat and the Churqa, which allows them to easily traverse the land with some level of success.

The People

The folk of the Shining Lands are slender, long-limbed and tall, averaging at six feet tall. The average Glass Sailor has high cheekbones and sunken cheeks, with long chins and small noses. Due to long exposure to the sun, most Glass Sailors have a reddish-brown skin tone, and they also have blond to pale white hair color. The Glass Sailors tend to grow their hair long, tying it into ponytails, braids or buns. The folk of the Shining Lands have startling blue eyes, small slitted eyelids, and thick long eyelashes. They pluck their eyebrows to fine arcs, and the skin around their eyes is pale, due to the constant use of sand goggles.

Glass Sailors have two different styles of dress, depending on whether they are travelling on the surface of the Shining Lands or below ground. On the surface, they wear leather filtermasks that block sand particles and have a simple microphone to allow speech. The leather of the mask is often painted with animal faces or various symbols. Also worn are sand goggles, which are small glass lenses fitted into leather cups, that are worn in conjunction with the filtermask and a leather cowl. Finally the Glass Sailors normally wear leather overcapes and gauntlets. When underground, the Glass Sailors wear a leather cowl that has nose filters and is worn for basic protection. They also wear loose fitting pantaloons and shirts made of cotton.


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